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Title: Streetsville Memorial Cemetery
Identifier: MVC-0025 Disk 1
Date of Original Photo: 2005
Image Type: Photograph
Subject: Streetsville Memorial Cemetery
Image Creator: Administration & Cemeteries
Creation Date: 2005/10/05
Location: Streetsville Memorial Cemetery

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Description: Streetsville Memorial Cemetery is located at 299 Queen Street South, adjacent to St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, on the west side of the Credit River and in the village of Streetsville.

On February 24, 1824, Timothy Street gave the Presbyterians a portion of his land for a burying ground to be used for all Protestant denominations. For years this cemetery remained the only Protestant burying ground for a large district, with individuals from Churchville and Brampton having to come here for burial. Few Anglicans were buried here after the founding of the Anglican Cemetery.

In 1890, the Council closed the Cemetery. Streetsville's dead were to be buried in Streetsville Public Cemetery on the East side of the Credit River. It is believed that some individuals buried in this cemetery were moved by their families in the early twentieth century into new family plots in Streetsville Public Cemetery.

On June 28, 1959, a new stone was erected and the cemetery was dedicated as Memorial Cemetery. Today, the cemetery is maintained by the City of Mississauga. According to records, there are approximately 500 burials in the cemetery, 22 being without stones. The remaining stones within the cemetery account for 293 of these burials.