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Hill Estate Gatehouse / Dudgeon Cottage, Port Credit
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Title: Hill Estate Gatehouse / Dudgeon Cottage, Port Credit
Identifier: G600
Date of Original Photo: 1980
Date Built: 1935
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Port Credit
Location: 305 Lakeshore Road West, Plan H-22 pt. Blk B

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Description: 305 Lakeshore Road West. Plan H-22, pt. Blk. B. This small, one-storey, red brick building, located at the intersection of Lakeshore Road West and Pine Avenue South, is a rare surviving example of an estate gatehouse, built in the early decades of the 20th century, at a time when the west end of Port Credit was largely comprised of wealthy estates. Architecturally it is constructed using bricks of a basalt-like appearance which gives the building "texture and interest". It is possible that these bricks were made in the former Port Credit brickyard, which was adjacent to the property. Historic property owners include Edward, Edwin and Rebecca Hill, Charles Scarr, and Reverend James Dudgeon. At one time, the building was associated with the adjacent bus loop for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Route 74, which terminated at Pine Avenue. While the building was never owned by the TTC, Marjorie Dudgeon, who lived in the cottage and operated a piano studio, invited transit riders to wait in the building on cold winter mornings. At the time the photo was taken in 1980 the building was operated as White Oaks Realty. It is presently on the City's Heritage Register and is protected by Publication of a Notice of Intent to Designate.
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