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Lincoln Residence, Malton
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Title: Lincoln Residence, Malton
Identifier: PH3592
Date of Original Photo: 1989
Date Built: Mid 20th Century
Image Type: B&W Photo, 12.5x9 cm.
Subject: Historic buildings -- Ontario -- Malton (Mississauga)
Donor: Heritage Planning, Community Services
Location: 7170 Goreway Drive, E pt. Lot 11, Conc 7 EHS

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Description: 7170 Goreway Drive. Conc 7 EHS E pt. Lot 11. Unusual square, one-storey, asphalt-shingled flat roofed, circa mid-20th century building. Three façades are concrete block, the fourth is vertical wood board siding. 2-bay asymmetrical front façade plate glass windows. The building has few, but varied windows. On the north façade there is a small one-over-one fixed sash with a plain cement sill. The south and west facades have large six pane (three-over-two configuration) or nine pane (three-over-three configuration) fixed windows. The larger east façade window, in a two-over-two configuration, has wood strip hinged vents on the lower two panes. The house is accessed by two entry doors. The main doorway is flanked on the west side by a fixed pane glass sidelight, and a fixed pane transom, and is protected by an aluminum screen door. Most windows have interior shutters. Considered ¿vernacular architecture¿, the building reflects local variations on a style, typically based on the builder¿s interpretations and available materials. The building is notable for its horizontal, clean lines and flat façade. It is likely that at the time of its construction the interior space would have mirrored these attributes. There is a small shed, constructed of wood clapboard, with a salt-box style asphalt singled roof. The building was demolished in 2010. This photo shows the south-west view of the property. Description as of September 2015.
Agency: Mississauga Library System