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Western Hotel, Port Credit
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Title: Western Hotel, Port Credit
Identifier: MC0463
Date of Original Photo: 1966
Date Built: ca 1880
Image Type: B&W Photo, 12x8 cm.
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Port Credit
Donor: Mississauga Historical Society
Location: Stavebank Road, opposite the arena, Lot 5, Conc 2 SDS

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Description: Lot 5, Conc 2 SDS. Located at Stavebank Road opposite the arena in Port Credit, it was a railway station hotel, built by Henry Bleakly about 1880, and operated by Alex Bleakly. An earlier building on the site, the Vanstone Hotel, operated as a hotel on the stagecoach route which ran from Port Credit to Streetsville, via Cooksville and Springfield. When the Port Credit railway station was moved to its present location about 1905 the hotel business declined, and the building was made into apartments. It was demolished in 1967
Agency: Mississauga Library System