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Johnson Residence, Port Credit
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Title: Johnson Residence, Port Credit
Identifier: MC0672
Date of Original Photo: ca 1966
Date Built: ca 1850
Image Type: B&W Photo, 7.5x7.5 cm
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Port Credit (Mississauga)
Donor: Ryan Hunwicks
Location: 36 Lake Street, Plan 300W, pt. Lot 3, 4

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Description: 36 Lake Street. Plan 300W, pts Lot 3, 4. This is a low-profile one-and-a-half storey frame structure with an enclosed porch along the front fašade, opposite J.C. Saddington Park. The small, modest structure is located on the corner of the lot, adjacent to John Street South and Lake Street, providing an anchor to the Lake Street streetscape. A small, shallow dormer protrudes from the front roofline. Behind the sunroom stands an early three-bay clapboard front wall where a two-over-two double sash window rests to either side of the central door. The house has a Neoclassical profile and a simplicity in its fenestration that suggest a date of construction in the mid-nineteenth century. A single building was recorded on Lot 3 north of Lake Street in the 1843 plan, but it was located right at the corner of Lake Street and John Street South. More closely matching the existing house is the illustration of a building on the 1910 fire insurance plan. In 1872 when James Peer, sailor, bequeathed Lot 3 to his children, there were buildings on the lot, one of which was probably the existing house. The Peer family owned Lot 3 from 1867 to 1900. Designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act and located within the Old Port Credit Village Heritage Conservation District.
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