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Steeves Residence, Port Credit
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Title: Steeves Residence, Port Credit
Identifier: H169
Date of Original Photo: 1980
Date Built: ca 1850
Image Type: Slide, 35 mm
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Port Credit (Mississauga)
Location: 24 Front Street South, PL 300 pt Lots 1, 2 43R30359 pts 2,3

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Description: 24 Front Street South. PL 300 pt Lots 1, 2 43R30359 pts 2,3. This one-and-a-half storey frame structure has undergone few alterations since this photograph was taken in 1980. The structure has a medium-pitched gable roof, with a single dormer in the front three bay facade. The house is finished in a horizontal siding. The frame building, whose Neoclassical profile and Regency front door suggest a mid-nineteenth century date of construction, stands on lands reserved for the Credit Harbour Company. The building does not appear on the 1843 plan, but is depicted on the 1910 fire insurance plan. An 1875 lease agreement between the Credit Harbour Company and merchant Alexander Blakely indicates the company had offices and storehouses as well as wharves and piers. The building, long used as a house, may have been an office of the Credit Harbour Company. The Credit Harbour Company, a joint stock company established in 1834 to construct a harbour at the mouth of the Credit River, was the impetus for the government planning Port Credit village on the river's west bank. The building is designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act and is located within the Old Port Credit Village Heritage Conservation District.
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