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Earl Madill Barn, Streetsville
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Title: Earl Madill Barn, Streetsville
Identifier: PH3445
Date of Original Photo: ca 1990
Date Built: Bef 1942
Image Type: B&W Photo, 11.5x8 cm.
Subject: Barns - Ontario - Streetsville (Mississauga)
Donor: Planning & Heritage, Community Services
Location: 444 Eglinton Avenue West, pt. Lot 19, Conc 2 WHS

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Description: 444 Eglinton Avenue West. Conc 2 WHS pt. Lot 19. This was a Central Ontario Barn attached to a two-way gable roof, built of vertical plank siding with metal sheeting on the roof. The Barn was on the property of Norman Earl Madill, brother of Benson Madill. According to the Barn Inventory of the Planning and Heritage Department, the "Central Ontario barn is virtually ubiquitous in its distribution, although the heaviest concentrations lie in the northern counties. In some areas the gambrel variety is most dominant, while in others, the gable appears more frequently. In the southern counties, the gambrel roof seems to be the most popular. This fact is certainly supported by the pervasiveness of the gambrel roof on surviving Central Ontario Barns within the City of Mississauga… In general, the foundation storey served as the stable, while the upper storey consisted of three types of space: the Drive Floor (used for work space and storage of tools and machinery), the Granary (used for storing crops and for loading crops on to wagons outside the barn), and the Storage Mow (used for storage of hay, straw, unthreshed grains, and other crops). Many barns also featured a loft." The Earl Madill barn was demolished in 2007 and part of the property is to become the Madill Park. Description as of December 9, 2010.
Agency: Mississauga Library System