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Embleton-Whaley Store, Streetsville
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Title: Embleton-Whaley Store, Streetsville
Identifier: F870
Date of Original Photo: 1978
Date Built: ca 1840
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Streetsville (Mississauga)
Location: 213 Queen Street South, pt Lot 4, W 1/2, Conc 4 WHS

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Description: 213 Queen Street South. Conc 4 WHS, pt. Lot 4, W¿. The corner block was purchased by the Embleton family in 1829, and the building dates from the 1840s. From 1854 to 1877 it housed the Library of the Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Institute, after which it was Goodison’s Popular House, a general store. According to Mary Manning’s Historic Buildings Inventory, John Embleton, the owner, lost money on the Credit Valley Railway and moved to the USA. The building was then owned for years by the Goodisons. It became the Post Office between 1931 and 1952 when changes were made to the structure. At the time the photograph was taken the building was J.J. Sports Store. The building is listed on the Heritage Inventory. Description as of December 2010.
Agency: Mississauga Library System