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Streetsville Memorial Cemetery Historic Plaque
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Title: Streetsville Memorial Cemetery Historic Plaque
Identifier: D809
Date of Original Photo: 1978
Date Built: 1824
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Historical markers - Ontario - Streetsville (Mississauga)
Location: 299 Queen Street South, Plan STR 3 Lot Scotch Kirk Burial Grounds

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Description: 299 Queen Street South. Plan STR 3 Lot Scotch Kirk Burial Grounds. Streetsville Memorial Park Cemetery is located adjacent to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church on the west side of the Credit River in the village of Streetsville. The cemetery contains the burials of many of the village's earliest pioneers and was in use between 1824 and 1895. The historic plaque reads as follows: "By 1825, six years after the first settlers came into this part of Toronto Township, a thriving community containing grist and saw mills, a tannery and a distillery, had developed here on the Credit River. Named after Timothy Street, who began several of the early industries and donated land for this cemetery, Streetsville had a population of 500 by 1837 and was the largest village in the Home District. While several industries, notably Hyde Mills, flourished during the 1940's, Streetsville lost its dominance in this region when it failed to obtain railway connections until 1879. It was incorporated as a Village, with about 1000 inhabitants, in 1858 and as a Town in 1962. Twelve years later, it became part of the City of Mississauga." The cemetery is designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act. Description as of December 2010.
Agency: Mississauga Library System