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Safety Tips for Parents and Children

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Children should be taught to respect all animals.  To be safe they should also be taught how to behave around dogs.   Teach by example and never use fear to teach your children about safety.  It is important to role play and act out various safety scenarios with young children.  This practice will reinforce the correct response from a child should a situation arise. 

GOLDEN RULES OF SAFETY - Children should be taught to respect all animals.

  • Supervise your child when they are with a dog, even a dog they know.
  • Teach your child to move slowly and quietly in the presence of a dog.
  • Teach your child to ASK the dog owner's permission before touching their dog and avoid interactions with strangers or strange dogs.
  • Teach your child how to stand still and let the dog sniff their hand before they touch the dog.  (Parents may even want to hold their hand over top of the child's hand.)
  • Explain dogs do not like hugs - it makes them uncomfortable.
  • Explain dogs do not like eye contact - it makes them uncomfortable or angry.
  • Explain dogs do not like to be teased - it makes them angry.
  • Explain dogs do not like to be bothered when they are sleeping, eating or looking after puppies.


Safety Can Be Fun!

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