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Museums - Anchorage - 1900
John Skynner -- Mississauga's Own Master & Commander

Few people may realize that Mississauga had its own version of the recent Hollywood movie, Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World starring Russell Crowe.

John Skynner sailed the open seas during the Napoleonic era and actually fought in the same bloody sea battles referred to in the movie. Skynner served under Admiral Horatio Nelson, escorted the Duke of Kent from Gibraltar to England, and received numerous awards and prizes (including an exquisite trophy from the citizens of Malta where he had been stationed) before emigrating to Canada at the age of 76 and settling along the shores of Lake Ontario in 1839.

He is reputed to have said, "Here I will retire. This is my anchorage." The Anchorage (Skynner's home) is now the main offices for the Museums of Mississauga.

Learn more about life on the high seas by visiting the National Maritime Museum in England.

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The Anchorage
Anchorage - 1900
The Anchorage--19th century home of Commander John Skynner--now part of the Bradley Museum.