BRT Basics
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About the BRT

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is a high-efficiency east-west transit corridor and service to be constructed across Mississauga and is part of a 100 km BRT corridor connecting municipalities from Oakville to Pickering. It's similar to rail-based transit in terms of providing a dedicated right-of-way for transit vehicles, except instead of a costly rail system, it will use dedicated roads and buses.

The BRT in Mississauga will cover 18 kilometres connecting Winston Churchill Boulevard in the west to Renforth Drive in the east. It will run along the Highway 403, Eastgate Parkway and Eglinton Avenue corridors between Winston Churchill Boulevard and Renforth Drive, connecting to the dedicated bus bypass shoulders already in place on Highway 403 between Erin Mills Parkway and Mavis Road (connected to the City Centre by Centre View Drive).

The BRT will complement and connect with local bus services and inter-regional transit and subway systems, linking high-density development and employment centres across Mississauga. Designated stations (12 stations in Mississauga) will provide key connection points. Several stations will feature passenger pick up and drop off and/or park-and-ride facilities.

When the BRT system is completed in 2015, it will support extensive bus service along this route for thousands of riders per day, making it faster and easier for you to travel to, from and through Mississauga and the GTA.