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Tours and Workshops at the Mississauga Central Library

Tours and Workshops for Middle & Secondary Schools at the Mississauga Central Library.

Sign your class up for a tour of the Mississauga Central Library! Special tours & workshops customized for middle school class groups and secondary school class groups can be arranged.

Tours of the Mississauga Central Library, one of the busiest central libraries in Canada, are offered regularly. If your school class would like a tour of the Mississauga Central Library and its many resources, phone 905 615-3500 ext. 3544 or email Library.Tours@mississauga.ca

What We Offer:

Tours and workshops are tailored to the school curriculum in the areas of English, History and Science. Workshops focus on a presentation of the various resources available at the library, in both print and digital format, including over 40 research databases. For example, a school class may request a tour and workshop focussing on resources available in the area of Shakespearean criticism. You can view the list of research databases .

Whatever your needs or interests, the Library staff are ready to help.

Library Cards can be prearranged for school class groups. Teachers are invited to use this Library Visit Letter to organize their class visit.

Friends of the Library supports free bussing for class groups from non-profit or publicly funded schools visiting the Library.

For more information please contact: 905 615-3500 ext. 3660