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Central Library
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Group Study Rooms - Sciences & Business Dep't.

Two rooms in the Sciences Department, 2nd floor at the Central Library, may be booked for Group Study

In order to ensure a positive Library experience, please protect your valuables by not leaving them unattended.

Room Booking Procedures:
1. Rooms may be booked by groups of 2-8 people.
2. Maximum booking of 2 hours per group, per day. Same-day, in-person bookings only.
3. Bookings may be cancelled if a group fails to show up within 15 minutes after the start of the booking (i.e. 1:15 PM of a 1:00 PM booking).
4. Chalk for use on the blackboard may be requested at the information desk.
Rooms not occupied by a group for more than 15 minutes may be made available to others and have any personal items removed.

For more information, please enquire at the Sciences and Business Information Desk.