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Britannia United Church and Cemetery
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Title: Britannia United Church and Cemetery
Identifier: MI0025
Date of Original Photo: 1975
Date Built: 1843
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Church buildings - Ontario - Britannia (Mississauga)
Donor: City of Mississauga
Location: 5961 Hurontario Street, pt. Lot 5 W 1/2, Conc 1 EHS

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Description: 5961 Hurontario Street. Conc 1 EHS, pt. Lot 5 W. The church was built in 1843 of bricks made of mud and clay taken from a field belonging to Peter Dunton across from the church. In 1864 the church was enlarged and redecorated, and remains as it is at present. The original plank pews were replaced by white pews with small doors at the aisle, and the balcony was built. In 1897 the basement was excavated and the first furnace installed. Five modern oil lamps replaced the large middle chandelier, the present vestibule was built and the church was again redecorated. The first burials in the cemetery began in 1837. There is evidence that there may have been earlier burials, but they are not recorded. In 1910 the cemetery was enlarged, and again in 1933. Designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act. Original photo at Museums of Mississauga. Description as of April 2012.
Agency: Mississauga Library System