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Mississauga Plan (Official Plan) for the City of Mississauga Planning Area was modified and approved by the Region of Peel 2003 May 05, save and except certain parts of the Plan where a decision was withheld and other parts of the Plan that were appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. For those parts of Mississauga Plan that are not approved, the relevant parts of City Plan, originally approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 1997 July 08, and subsequently amended, will apply until the matters in question have been decided. Therefore, currently for policies and designations, both Official Plans need to be referred to.Once all matters have been decided, City Plan will no longer apply.  The Planning and Building Department, City Planning Strategies should be consulted with regards to all inquiries and interpretation of the Official Plan at (905) 615-3200 ext 5538.

Note: Some of these PDF files are quite large and may take some time to download.

For all Schedules please see City Plan Schedules 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8 accessed through the Featured Article below and for all District Land Use Maps please see the City Plan District Land Use Index Map.

City Plan has been updated to 2005 October.  The following Sections of City Plan have been updated to include the latest approved Amendments and Ontario Municipal Board Decisions.

  • Lakeview District - Amendment No. 141, approved (text only)
City Plan District Land Use Index Map
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  City Plan District Land Use Index Map
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