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Animal Services - Choosing a Wildlife Removal company

Mississauga Animal Services urges you to employ the deterrent methods described on this Web site to help solve conflicts with wildlife. However, if you have thoroughly pursued the options with diligence and patience and your problem is not solved you may wish to enlist the help of a Professional Wildlife Removal Service.
Where do you start?
Your local yellow pages directory under Animal Control and Pest Control list anywhere from 20 to 40 companies that operate as "Professional Removal Companies". Some companies deal with insect and rodent infestations, some specialize in wildlife problems and others will take on any removal challenge. Most companies claim to offer professional service, humane removal, guarantees and free estimates. So how does the consumer choose a reputable company?
All companies are not created equal.
Although companies may advertise "humane removal" be aware that the wildlife removal industry in Canada is largely unregulated and there have been some significant changes to legislation pertaining to wildlife. To date the most common method of wildlife removal has been live trapping and relocation. The Ministry of Natural Resources recognized that relocation of wildlife was a serious problem, studies proved that many relocated adult animals died, orphaned young also perished and relocation was definitely suspect in the translocation of diseases like rabies. Subsequently, in January 1999 new regulations to the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act deemed it illegal for anyone, including wildlife companies, to relocate wild animals beyond their home territory.
If relocation is illegal won't the animal just come back?
The short answer to that question is "yes" the animal is likely to come back. Therefore, the key to conflict resolution requires that the necessary repair or preventative work is completed on your home or property once the animal is removed or excluded. Subsequently, many companies now offer simple "on site" exclusion techniques , complete repair or preventative work to your home and a guarantee against future wildlife problems. This passive technique causes very little stress to the animals involved while providing a satisfying solution for the customer.
Tips on Choosing a Company

  • Choose a company which specializes in wildlife and whose employees are knowledgeable about the animals habits, habitat and behaviours.
  • Choose a company that can offer the repair work to your home and provides a written guarantee on the entire service area, not just the entry hole.
  • Choose a company that can provide you with a written contract in advance. Read and make sure you clarify any aspect of the contract you do not understand before signing with the company.
  • Any reputable company should be able to provide good references regarding their service, you may also want to check their status with the Better Business Bureau, local Animal Services or Humane Agencies.
  • You should never feel pressured to employ the services of the removal company, avoid companies that use scare tactics to make a sale.
  • A good company will be able to provide sound advice on potential problems for the entire home.

Often wildlife problems are complicated by the fact that the animal may have a den of nursing young. Too much interference can cause a traumatized parent to abandon a litter of young. We prefer companies that utilize passive removal methods such as exclusion by "one way door" type systems to those that use primarily live trapping methods.
The company should humanely reunite mother with young on site and make sure all of the young have been re-claimed by the parent animal.
The Ministry of Natural Resources supports the control of wildlife through long term and scientifically sound approaches.
Any company that claims to relocate animals should be reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources.
As a consumer you are at liberty to choose any company you like but we would like to suggest that you carefully research the credentials of any company. Don't be afraid to ask for references and detailed information on the companies removal methods, repair contracts and guarantees.