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Animal Services - Live Trapping

Trapping is not an effective method of wildlife control. It is often used as a "band-aid" solution and only temporarily deals with the problem. There are humane traps available for capturing nuisance wildlife through various rental agencies. However, the relocation of wildlife, in Ontario, is restricted by Provincial Law to no more than one kilometre from the point of capture. The trapping and relocation of adult animals (especially in spring and summer) may lead to the separation of mother and babies which could mean a long, painful death for the young. Furthermore, the relocation of a potentially ill animal could lead to disease outbreak spreading out of control. The Ministry of Natural Resources runs an extensive rabies control program that has been very successful to date and they would like to keep it this way! Although live-animal traps are designed for humane capture there have been many cases of wildlife injuring themselves in their attempts to escape confinement. The Humane Society will investigate all cases of injured wildlife due to trapping and charges may be laid. In addition, trapping could attract more animals to the area since food is used as bait. Trapping should not be considered as a method of wildlife control.

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