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Charles Terry House, South Facade, Clarkson
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Title: Charles Terry House, South Facade, Clarkson
Identifier: PH2087
Date of Original Photo: 1989
Date Built: ca 1879
Image Type: B&W Photo, 12.5x9 cm.
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Clarkson (Mississauga)
Donor: Planning & Heritage, Community Services
Location: 1040 Welwyn Drive, pt. Lot 29 RP 43R678 Part 8, Conc 2 SDS

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Description: 1040 Welwyn Drive. Pt. Lot 29, RP 43R678 Part 8, Conc 2 SDS. This is a one-and-a-half storey L-shaped plan structure with a medium pitched gable roof. It was built about 1879 by W. S. Bowbeer and bought in 1910 by Charles Terry, who had come to Clarkson from Maryborough Township in the Elmira area and purchased 50 acres of Clarkson land on Lot 29, Conc 2. Sometime after 1910 a two storey addition was made to the rear of the house, replacing an original one storey frame kitchen. Various other additions and alterations have been made to the structure. The Terry family hosted the annual veterans' Strawberry Festival at their home, between 1919 and the late 1940s. These festivals were organized by the Clarkson Women's Institute. The Terry House is listed on the Heritage Register. This 1989 photo is of the south fašade.
Agency: Mississauga Library System