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Moorcroft Residence, Clarkson
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Title: Moorcroft Residence, Clarkson
Identifier: PH3584
Date of Original Photo: 1989
Date Built: 1911
Image Type: B&W Photo, 12.5x9 cm.
Subject: Historic buildings -- Ontario -- Clarkson (Mississauga)
Donor: Heritage Planning, Community Services
Location: 947 Bexhill Road, PL332 pt. Lots 7, 8 43R9951 pt. 1

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Description: 947 Bexhill Road. PL 332 pt. Lots 7, 8 43R9951 pt. 1. Two-storey, three bay, clapboard clad residence, with a one-storey lean-to section running partially along the length of the back fašade. The front, south-westerly facing fašade, is punctuated with mid to late 20th century large pane windows, flanked by non-functional window shutters. The windows are likely a later addition to the building, which records indicate was built circa 1911. Access into the front fašade can be gained from either the driveway or across the front lawn, through a raised concrete porch. There is a brick planting bed running the full length of the front fašade, which is only interrupted by the stairs to the front door. There is a narrow chimney on the south-east fašade of the building, flanked, asymmetrically by two sets of windows. The second-storey windows are 6-pane casements, grouped in twos. On this fašade, the first-storey windows are four-over-ones. To the back of the building, within the one-storey section of the structure, a metal stove-pipe punctures the roof, indicating the presence of a second chimney, or wood burning stove. On this fašade, the one-storey section is accessed via a contemporary sliding-glass double door system. Access to the sliding door is via an elevated-wood porch, which accommodates the change in topography from the front to the back of the house. On the rear fašade of the one-storey section of the building, there are a pair of three-pane large windows, and a single-pane large window, which brings light into the rear entryway. Just above ground level, there is a small modern window in what is likely the basement area. Within the north-west fašade is a second door. Of contemporary design, the single nine-pane window and metal door is flanked, on one side, by a 3-pane sidelight. The whole doorway is recessed into the lean-to structure and covered by an extension of the shed roof, affording protection in poor weather. There are five windows in the south-east fašade. On the second floor are two small 6-pane square windows; on the first floor is one small square window and beside it is a larger, rectangular window, in a four-over-one configuration. All windows on the building are protected by storms. Description as of September 2015.
Agency: Mississauga Library System