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A. V. Baron Antiques, Cooksville
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Title: A. V. Baron Antiques, Cooksville
Identifier: PH3217
Date of Original Photo: 1982
Date Built: ca 1865-1875
Image Type: Slide, 35 mm
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Cooksville (Mississauga)
Donor: Planning & Heritage, Community Services
Location: 264 Dundas Street East, pt. Lot 12, N. 1/2 TOR, Conc 1 SDS

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Description: 264 Dundas Street East. Conc 1 SDS, pt, Lot 12 N 1/2 TOR. This one-and-a-half storey structure was basically square in shape with the west front section projecting forward. There was a huge gabled addition and two smaller sections to the rear. The covered mansard roof had heavy wooden moldings. The cornice had paired modillions which were very fancy, and beneath the eaves and fascia was an ornate frieze of raised panels. A rubble foundation supported apparently frame-constructed walls, the whole re-sheathed in stucco. On the west side of the front fašade there was a single storey bowed window flanked by spiral moldings and topped with a bell cast roof. To the east side of the door, a bay window with fixed panes had been constructed as a display window. Ornamental dormers appeared on the roof. The front door appeared ninety degrees to the plane of the front fašade facing toward the east. This house, an example of Second Empire style, was listed on the Heritage Register but was demolished in 1986.
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