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Cooksville District Plan Review

The Cooksville Area Specific Review is being undertaken by the City of Mississauga, lead by Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd. and Brook McIlroy Planning + Urban Design, to create an updated and enhanced land use planning vision, which will address the specific needs and concerns of the Cooksville community. This scoped review will speak to three key areas: the Gordon Woods residential community, the residential community bound by Cooksville Creek and Cliff Road, and the hazard lands adjacent to the Cooksville Creek within the Cooksville District.  

The purpose of the review is to update Official Plan policies to reflect changes in local circumstances and to be consistent with Provincial and City wide planning initiatives. This review will also consider other relevant city-initiated studies and reviews, such as the Hurontario Higher Order Transit Study (HOT) and Mississauga Growth Management Strategy (GMS), among others. Also, through the public engagement process, there will be an opportunity to provide comments and have discussion on land use policies, zoning, urban design issues, environmental concerns and redevelopment/infill potential within the key areas.

Studies and Reports:
Cooksville District Area Specific Review - Directions Report (June 2010)
Cookville Corporate Report (August 2010)
= Corporate Report - Appendix 1
=  Corporate Report - Appendix 2
=  Corporate Report - Appendix 3
Summary Report: Cooksville District Area Specific Review Kick-off Meeting (April 2009)
Cooksville Area Specific Review

Note: The comments from the four (4) summary reports of May and June, 2009, represent the thoughts and opinions of the Community Advisory Group and are not the opinions of City Staff and/or the consultants.

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