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The Mississauga CPTED Advisory Committee

The Mississauga CPTED Advisory Committee was formed in 1996, under the auspices of the City's Planning and Building Department. Its mandate is to create a sense of a safe community for the citizens of Mississauga by utilizing CPTED techniques to reduce the fear and incidence of crime as well as improve the quality of life.

The Committee includes Representatives from:

Corporate Services Community Services

8  Corporate Security

8  Security Operations

8  Security Systems

8  Facilities Planning & Development


8  Recreation & Parks

8  Park Development

8  Planning & Development & Business Services

8  Facilities & Property Management
Transportation & Works Planning & Building
8  Compliance & Licensing Enforcement 8  Urban Design
SafeCity Mississauga

The Committee provides a forum for the identification and resolution of CPTED related issues and problems using an inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving.

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Principles
The purpose of this document is to encourage the adoption and application of CPTED principles and strategies by setting out the CPTED criteria by which all applications will be judged.
CPTED Policies
CPTED Policies
Introduction and Objectives
The Objective is to plan for a safer Mississauga
Design Strategies
There are three overlapping CPTED design strategies: Natural access control, Natural surveillance and Territorial reinforcement.
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