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Introduction and Objectives

Have you wondered why some properties are victimized and others are not and what makes one property more susceptible to criminal attack than others?

Well, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced sep-ted) holds some of the answers. CPTED is one of several mechanisms for preventing crime. It is a pro-active crime fighting technique that believes that the proper design and the effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the incidence of crime as well as an improvement in the quality of life. It is an opportunity to plan and design safe communities - residential, commercial, industrial and institutional developments, parks, open spaces and road networks before they are built.

"CPTED concepts work 24 hours a day ..... we can't have a police officer there 24 hours a day."

Mississauga Ward Councillor
Nando Iannicca, a member of the
Regional Municipality of Peel Police
Service Board - October, 1996

CPTED's success and popularity can be measured, in part, by its global acceptance and world-wide institutionalization

The Committee's Objective is to plan for a safer Mississauga through the following strategies:

  • To proactively plan and design safer public buildings, facilities and parks utilizing the CPTED concepts;
  • To proactively work with the planning process and the development industry to plan and design safer communities utilizing the CPTED concepts;
  • To address the training needs for staff to implement the CPTED concepts on corporate basis throughout the City of Mississauga;
  • To provide a forum to share, distribute and discuss CPTED information and activities with the Peel Police, Mississauga Crime Prevention Association and the City of Mississauga.