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Criteria For Placing a Crossing Guard

Mississauga Traffic Safety Council schedules Site Inspections and Gap Studies at locations where crossing guards have been requested. Volunteer members of Traffic Safety Council accompanied by City and Board staff attend on-site during the half hour prior to school entry and for the half hour after school dismissal to conduct the Site Inspection and Gap Study.

The Site inspection report is used to record data specific to the conditions at the site and provides the basis for recommendations to improve the overall safety of the crossing location. The addition of signs, requests for Parking or Police enforcement or modifications to the site itself, are examples of recommendations that might result from these observations.

The Gap Study is conducted simultaneously with the Site Inspection to determine if the warrants are met for the placement of a crossing guard. The warrant criteria include, the number and behaviour of children using the crossing location, the number of safe gaps in traffic by five minute period as determined using a formula widely used throughout North America and recorded using a stop watch, and the number and behaviour of the vehicles crossing the designated crossing point.

The Site Inspection Committee makes recommendations to Traffic Safety Council based on the observations and data they record at the Site Inspection and Gap Study. The recommendations are further considered at General Committee and City Council before being adopted.

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