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Planning Services Centre

In order to serve our clients better, the Development and Design Division has created the Planning Services Centre (PSC), a dedicated team of planners responsible for:
  • development application advice
  • preliminary meetings
  • Development Application Review Committee (DARC)
  • application submissions
The planners in the PSC are the first point of contact providing:


  • professional planning advice
  • information and direction concerning City policies and procedures
  • direction regarding the appropriate application stream
  • facilitation of preliminary meetings
  • application requirements for potential development applications
  • facilitation of DARC meetings
  • review of development application submissions
Procedure for Application Submissions

The pre-application procedures in the Development and Design Division have changed.

Development Application Review Committee (DARC) meetings are currently held on Wednesday afternoons. They will continue as usual for rezoning/official plan amendment and draft plan of subdivision applications, however, some site plan applications will also be reviewed before this Committee. A DARC checklist has been created for site plan applications, which will be required as part of the application submission package. The requirements for DARC submissions are outlined in both the official plan/rezoning amendment and site plan application forms, found on-line at our Forms Centre.

Note: the submission requirements have changed to 17 days prior to the meeting to allow adequate time for all departments and agencies to provide comments on the proposal.

In some instances, a full review at DARC may not be necessary for site plan applications. Instead, a preliminary meeting can be set up through the Planning Services Centre. The requirements for a site plan application preliminary meeting are outlined in the - Pre-Application Meeting Requirements for Site Plan Applications  .

If an application is minor and does not require pre-consultation, or if pre-consultation on a proposal had taken place prior to the implementation of the By-law, the Director may waive the requirement for a DARC meeting.

To submit a DARC package and schedule a DARC meeting, contact Hugh Lynch at 905-615-3200 ext. 3097 or by email at Hugh.Lynch@mississauga.ca. To book a preliminary site plan application meeting, contact Hyacinth Richards at 905 615-3200 ext. 5516 or by email at Hyacinth.Richards@mississauga.ca.

For information on requirements for pre-application meetings for applications for consent, contact David Martin at 905-615-3200 ext. 5433.