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Downtown21: What can be expected from the Master Plan?

What can be expected from the Master Plan   DT21 Home Page  
  Ultimately the plan will help to nurture a vibrant, walkable, and compact Downtown offering a variety of choices and experiences for people. This would include great streets which provide pleasant walking and shopping experiences; restaurants and outdoor cafes; places to congregate such as public squares, urban parks and outdoor markets; entertainment districts and cultural places - the whole carefully integrated with a range of housing choices in close proximity and convenient access to places of employment and other critical urban amenities.
A key objective of the Plan will be to make the Downtown truly sustainable by improving access to public transit and other modes of transportation such as biking and walking.  The Master Plan will also be positioned to have a green approach to conserving and enhancing the quality of the natural systems and urban life in the Downtown, offering places for quiet contemplation, leisure, recreation and environmental stewardship in the construction of new buildings and streetscapes. Moreover, the Master Plan will provide a clear guide for all of those individuals who have a stake in the evolution of the Downtown, such as residents, land owners and developers. The process will ensure that all future public and private investments in the Downtown willcontribute to the realization of the Master Plan.