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Crane-Hand House, Bay Window, Erindale
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Title: Crane-Hand House, Bay Window, Erindale
Identifier: PH0445
Date of Original Photo: 1989
Date Built: ca 1880
Image Type: B&W Photo, 12.5x9 cm.
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Erindale (Mississauga)
Donor: Planning & Heritage, Community Services
Location: 3987 Woodchuck Lane, pt. Lot 3 S1/2, Range 3 CIR, NDS

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Description: 3987 Woodchuck Lane, at the corner of Mississauga Road. Pt. Lot 3 S1/2, Range 3 CIR, NDS. The house was built about 1880 and occupied for about 40 years by William Hand, of the renowned T. W. Hand Fireworks Company which had its headquarters in Cooksville from 1930 to 1972. The house was eventually sold to a developer and, in spite of its architectural and historical value, was demolished in 2003 to make way for a large estate home. It had been listed on the Heritage Inventory. This is a 1989 view of the south bay window showing gable and vergeboard detail.
Agency: Mississauga Library System