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Credit Indian Village Plaque, Erindale
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Title: Credit Indian Village Plaque, Erindale
Identifier: SK0068
Date of Original Photo: Spring 1999
Image Type: Col Photo, 15x10 cm
Subject: Credit River (Ont.)
Donor: Alan Skeoch
Location: Mississauga Road North

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Description: The plaque reads: "In 1826 the government assisted a band of Mississauga, who had recently been converted to Christianity, to settle in this vicinity, and within five years laid out a village plot and constructed log cottages and a sawmill. Methodist missionaries notably Peter Jones and Egerton Ryerson, ministered to the converts, who in 1829 built a combined schoolhouse and chapel. By 1837 about 50 houses had been erected for the Indians. Three years later they had approximately 500 acres under cultivation. Pressure from local white settlement and a decline in the Indian population led to the closing of the mission and the return of the major portion of the Mississauga to the Grand River Reserve in 1847." The plaque was erected close to the entrance of the Mississaugua Golf and Country Club by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, Department of Public Records and Archives of Ontario. It was removed and went missing at a later date. Description as of December 2010.
Agency: Mississauga Library System