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Title: Madigan House, Erindale
Identifier: H758
Date of Original Photo: 1980
Date Built: ca 1850
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Mississauga
Location: 1135 Mississauga Road North, Range 1 CIR Lots 7, 8

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Description: 1135 Mississauga Road North. Range 1 CIR Lots 7,8. According to the Perkins Bull family files, Irish immigrant James Madigan built the subject brick dwelling upon his arrival in Canada around 1850. Though the Madigan family sold the property in 1948 and John Madigan, son of James, claimed ownership of it in his 1893 will, the Madigans were never officially granted the property. Frederick Chase Capreol (1803-1886), founder of the Peel Manufacturing Company, which took ownership of the subject land in 1869, suggests that they were squatters. He reported that the Madigans were "wild Irish men" and that fights over property lines were common. Due to its extreme proximity to the Canadian National Railway line, the dwelling had to predate it; it had to have been built by 1855. The subject structure is a simple red brick veneer one and a half storey house that faces southwest. It is perched atop a small hill and may have, at one time, offered views to Lake Ontario. There is an addition to the rear (northeast). The door and much of the original fenestration have been replaced with brick infill and windows of differing size and/or shape. A small bit of Classical ornament survives above the original entranceway. The building is listed on the Heritage Register. Description as of April 2019.
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