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When can I construct a fence, pool, patio, shed or deck on my property?
Most new home purchase and sale agreements with the Builder contain a clause stating that:

“The purchaser (home buyer) shall not alter the grading or drainage pattern of the land (lot) in any way and shall not construct any fences, pools, patios, sheds or similar structures prior to final grading approval without the Vendor’s (Builder’s) consent.”

The purpose of this clause is to prevent private fencing, pools and other works from hindering the completion of any grading rectification works by the Builder. In certain instances, the homeowner has been forced to dismantle fences, decks, sheds etc.

Homeowners should not commence with any landscaping works or construct any fences, decks, sheds or pools that may alter the grades and/or drainage patterns of their lots or neighbouring lots until the grading has been certified by a Professional Engineer or unless the Developer has provided written authorization to the homeowner for installation of said works.

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