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Fire Route Application Forms Online

Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services, Fire Prevention and Life Safety division is pleased to now offer applicants online access to the forms necessary to make formal application for the designation of Fire Access Routes, as required by By-law #1036-81, as amended.

The application process consists of the need for applicants to complete and submit:

  1. An application form completed in full and accompanied by the required processing fee as outlined in the Fees and Charges By-law #156-2019.  The current processing fee is $240.74 (includes HST) and is to be made payable to the 'City of Mississauga'.

  2. A graphic representation/schematic drawing of the site plan reflecting the access route driveway(s) designed and constructed to be designated as fire route.

NOTE: The sketch/plan may take the form of either a reduction of the  previously approved site development plan or a redrawn facsimile. The plan is not required to be to any specific scale however a relative scale between site components must be maintained.

Using the attached sample plan as a guide, the drawing is to indicate the building outline, principal entrances, fire hydrants, siamese connections, the fire access route, parking which abuts the fire route, municipal street access points and the municipal address. Graphic representation or schematic drawing is not to exceed the maximum dimensions of 8-1/2" W X 9" H (21 cm W X 24 cm H) to enable our office staff to transfer the drawing onto a mylar sheet.

Completed application forms, drawings and processing fee are to be submitted to this department either in person or by mail to:

Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services
Fire Prevention & Life Safety Division
300 City Centre Drive, 2nd floor
Mississauga, Ontario   L5B 3C1

Processing will be conducted by staff with a designated fire route number assigned, the location type and quantity of required signage indicated on the plan.

A copy of the Designated Fire Route plan will be returned to the OWNER OF THE PROPERTY, complete with a reference list of sign suppliers and detailed installation guidelines. Approved signage is to be installed in conformance with this designated plan.

Upon completion of the access route construction and on site F/R signage installation, a final site inspection by Fire Prevention and Parking Control Inspection staff is required before sign-off and enforcement can begin.

Application Materials:

By-Law 1036-81

Fire Route Application Form

Fire Route Sample Plan

Fire Route Signage Suppliers and Installation Requirements

Fire Route Signage Types

For additional information, or any questions on the above process, please contact us at 905-896-5908.

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