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Environmental Searches

MFES provides an environmental records search upon receipt of a written request referencing a municipal addressed property, appropriate authorization from the property owner (or their designate) for the release of requested information, and payment of the appropriate fee as outlined in our current MFES Fees and Charges By-law (link is found at bottom right of this screen).

All environmental search requests result in the provision of a response letter from MFES outlining any findings related to our search.

The MFES environmental records search typically includes a three component search.

The first component involves a search of our computer aided dispatch and fire reports records database which dates back to 1993.

Results would include confirmation and a general description of past emergency responses to a municipal addressed site with a response nature code for; a major or minor spill, structural fire, unknown materials calls, etc.

The second element involves a review of our property file(s) for the municipal address in question. A property file review looks to identify previous uses/occupancies where our records reflect the installation or use of storage or spill tanks and possible indications of hazardous materials on site.

The third facet involves a search of our city's MAX (Mississauga Approval Xpress) database.This search would result in the identification of any outstanding building permits or permit applications involving a fire department plan review or inspection role, previously issued tank permits, outstanding fire department Notices or Orders under the Ontario Fire Code, Ontario Building Code and local bylaws.

Depending on the specifics outlined in the environmental search request letters, a search might also identify the last fire prevention inspection, or in-company firefighter survey visit date.  

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