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Some of the web sites in the link below are sites created by or for organizations outside of the Ontario government and those organizations are responsible for the information contained within their respective sites (these sites may not be available in French).
Any specific comments or inquiries regarding those sites should be directed to the individual organization.  Unsafe electrical equipment may be reported to the Electrical Safety Authority directly by phone or by an online web form.

Warnings and Recalls


Danger - 9 Volt Batteries can be a Fire Hazard

Keep 9V batteries in their original packaging, or keep ends covered, as a loose 9V battery is a fire hazard since the positive and negative posts are on top, in close proximity to one another. If the ends come in contact with anything metal, i.e. other batteries, loose change, keys, paper clips, aluminum foil, steel wool, etc. this could create the objects to heat up and ignite a fire.

Click here to view a video which explains how an improper disposal of a 9 volt battery can burn down your house


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