Fireworks Regulations
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What Should You Know About Fireworks?

Purchasing Fireworks:

  • Follow the laws and regulations regarding the purchase and use of fireworks.
  • Fireworks should only be purchased from a licensed retailer permitted to sell fireworks to the general public within the City of Mississauga as per By-law 1-06 and By-law 340-01.

Setting up Fireworks:

  • Read the instructions, cautions and warnings on each firework item.
  • Store unused fireworks in a closed box away from the firework being lit.
  • Do not smoke around the fireworks.
  • Set up fireworks outdoors in a clear, open space and place them on a hard, flat level surface to ensure stability.
  • Check the direction of the wind and set up the fireworks display so that the direction of the wind is blowing away from the spectators.
  • Spectators should be situated away from the display at the distance deemed safe as outlined on the fireworks label. 
  • Special care should be taken with the supervision on children.
  • Always have a bucket of sand, a supply of water and a working fire extinguisher in close proximity.

Fireworks Display:

  • Never handle fireworks unless you are an adult (18 years or older). 
  • Never handle fireworks if you are impaired (alcohol or drugs).
  • Never light more than one firework item at a time.
  • Never light fireworks without wearing protective eye glasses and gloves. Light fireworks at arm's length and then stand back.
  • Never lean over the fireworks; keep hair and clothes away from the fire source.
  • Never attempt to re-light a "dud" or defective firework.
  • Never hold a lighted firework item in your hand.

Proper Disposal:

  • Sparklers should be immersed in a bucket of sand to cool down after burning out as they remain very hot for some time.
  • Fireworks should always be disposed in a safe and proper manner.