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Garden Parks

Mississauga has several beautiful garden parks. Like a tranquil lake of serenity at the heart of busy Mississauga, Kariya Park lies calmly in the city core, with the famous Civic Centre clock-tower easily glimpsed through the greenery. Rhododendron Gardens is located at 660 Lakeshore Road West and features beautiful hybrid Rhododendrons, which can be found blooming from mid May to mid June, as well as azaleas and other acid-loving woodland and mountain plants. Hidden in central Mississauga is Riverwood, offers residents a unique all-season destination where history, nature, beauty and peace blend together to create an enjoyable and lasting outdoor experience.

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Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden
The Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden is located at 300 City Centre Drive and was originally named Civic Garden Park or the Rose Garden.

   Rhododendron Gardens

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