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Gateway Corporate Centre Character Area Review is a city-initiated review of planning policies to guide future development in the area. Located along the main future north-south Light Rail Transit (LRT) Corridor in the city – Hurontario Street – Gateway Corporate Centre will become a transit-oriented, prestigious office employment area.

The project began with an update to the Official Plan. A change to the Official Plan was necessary to outline a new vision for the area that would support a transit and people friendly environment. A new set of policies were approved by Council in 2014 and took effect in the Official Plan in 2017 after settling of an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal.

To align with the new Official Plan policies, changes are now proposed to the city’s zoning by-law. These changes will help transition the area away from its current mix of auto-dependent industrial buildings, warehouses and offices to a more walkable, transit-oriented environment.

Two new transit-supportive office zones are being introduced – Office 1 (O1) and Office 2 (O2) – that will ensure future development aligns with this vision. This includes establishing the list of permitted land uses and regulations related to landscaping, building height and density, setback, parking location and building entrances. O1 zones are located nearer to the future Hurontario LRT stations and as such, have higher pedestrian and transit supportive requirements than O2 zones.

Feedback from the public was received at the September 19, 2019 Community Meeting. The public will have a further opportunity to provide their feedback to the Planning and Development Committee at the October 7th statutory public meeting. The public meeting is scheduled for the 6:00 pm session and will be held at the City Council chambers located at 300 City Centre Drive. View the statutory public meeting notice here.

Study area

View a map of the current land uses for the Gateway Corporate Centre study area here.

What is the process?

Phase 1

The first phase of the project began with an amendment to the Official Plan, Mississauga Official Plan Amendment (MOPA) 25. As part of the amendment, changes to the Official Plan were proposed to create a safe and walkable environment, promote an attractive public realm, plan for transit-supportive office uses, and animate Hurontario Street through a mix of ground-level amenities. Following engagement with the community, these changes were approved in 2014 and the policies took effect in 2017 after an OMB appeal was settled.

Phase 2

Phase two of the project involves amending the zoning by-law. To begin the process, draft zoning regulations were presented to the Planning and Development Committee on June 24, 2019.

The community and landowners will have an opportunity to provide their input at the September 19, 2019 Community Meeting and the statutory public meeting to follow in October 2019. The comments received from the community will be presented to Council and inform the final version of the zoning amendment.

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