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Parenting is hard work, very hard work.  Every parent I know does the best they can for their child/children with the information they have available to them.  A parent never wants to make mistakes that could cause harm or unhappiness to their child. 

If these assumptions are true, then why do we have such a health crisis surrounding our children?  In our quest to do what is best for our children are we perhaps providing too much?  Could we be setting our children up for a lifetime of health issues because of some of our daily choices and decisions?   As parents are we aware of the consequences of our children watching several hours of TV followed by an hour or two of video/computer time every day?
These are questions that require serious thought when figuring out solutions. 

Children require daily physical activity in the same manner that they require food shelter and clothing.  It would be very difficult for any parent to send their child outside during the cold winter without a coat.  As parents we would do what ever was necessary to ensure our children had well balanced meals every day. We know the potential for illness increases when we can not provide these essentials. 
As parents we mold and shape our children into the adults they will become.  Our choices make the difference in our children's future.  Unfortunately, our children are the first generation where inactivity could cause us as parents to outlive our children.  You can make the changes to stop this shocking reality. 
Our children must be active for 90 minutes each day.  The time has come to get educated about the importance of physical activity and good nutrition for children. 

As parents we must begin to understand the consequences of our decisions, we must begin to be active with our children and determine that they can and will be active for 90 minutes every day.  Let Get Active Mississauga show you some of the ways it can happen for your family.
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