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At WorkFrom the moment they are born, they move. Slowly at first, examining the outside world becoming more bold, and then before we know it, they are into everything. It's hard to keep an eye on them, keep them safe and get all the other "stuff" done.

So we begin to encourage them to sit quietly, maybe watch a bit of TV, just so we can make dinner, get something cleaned or do laundry. It works well, very well, in fact. They sit mesmerized by the TV and it is finally possible to complete a few tasks. Actually it's hard to imagine that this innocent, effective method of distraction could develop into a habit as dangerous to your child's health as smoking or drinking and driving. Canadian children today watch up to 35 hours per week of TV. This obsession with screens (TV, video and computer) robs our children of essential physical play time and puts them at a higher risk for a number of illnesses and diseases.

The first 5 years of a child's life are the most developmentally important. It is vital that as parents we ensure our children are given plenty of time to play. Play is vital not only to the development of all children under 5 years of age but in older children as well. Teaching your child to play instead of promoting screen time will help to develop good physical activity habits that will serve them well as they get older and become adults. It is critical that we spend time playing with our infants and preschool children in a variety of ways. Take a few minutes to view the information on the Get Active Mississauga website to help you learn more about the importance of daily physical activity. Discover how to steer your child's natural energy in a manner that will support a long healthy life.

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