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If you want to look like an athlete you have to train like one, and boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. Fitness Boxing takes the best conditioning aspects of a boxer's workout and delivers a unique program for the average individual. Anyone wanting a new and different fitness training regimen will find fitness boxing challenging and rewarding.

Fitness Boxing classes at Huron Park Recreation Centre are instructed in a separate boxing studio with a wood-sprung floor, and involve the use of heavy bags, uppercut bags, speed bags, double-end bags, cardio equipment, mitts and gloves. This one hour fitness class takes you a step closer to actual boxing training and will cover the specifics of how to properly execute a variety of punches and punching combinations. In this circuit class, punches are performed on all of the bags, perfecting power and speed on the heavy and uppercut bags, timing and endurance on the speed and double-end bags, and perfecting technique and punching sequences on the target mitts. The class includes jumping rope to enhance cardiovascular fitness and burn serious calories, and muscle conditioning drills to develop overall strength and core stability.

It is a different workout each and every time, with an endless number of punch combinations and a exceptional workout that places extreme demands on the musculature, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Programs are available for all fitness levels and we encourage men, women and youth to come try a class or two. It's fun, creative and a great way to release tension and stress, and get into top fitness condition.