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Update on 1 Port Street East - Marina Action Plan


As per the Council-approved Master Plan (June 2016), the vision for 1 Port Street East is an iconic and vibrant waterfront neighbourhood and destination focused around a marina and related uses

Completion of a Marina Business Case was a critical study informing the Master Plan. The recommendations of the business case recognized and underscored the importance of City involvement in protecting for a future marina use at 1 Port Street East. To follow through on this and move forward in delivering the vision of the Master Plan, the City proposes to change the existing land use policy to protect land for a future marina use through an Official Plan Amendment, explore opportunities for City ownership of marina-related land and waterlots and prepare a Marina Action Plan.

The site’s vision relies on these collective strategies in addition to the redevelopment of the wharf.

Aside from the City planning process (see update here) there are other initiatives to implement the vision for 1 Port Street East. The Marina Action Plan is critical to determining the future marina ownership, capital and operational cost analysis, funding strategies, development phasing options and high-level layout.

Marina Action Plan Update

  1. Current Status of the Existing Marina:

    Canada Lands Company (CLC) owns 1 Port Street East and leases the site to the current marina operator. The lease has less than six years remaining. The current operator is responsible for the condition of the existing marina facilities.

  2. Potential City Role in a Future Marina at 1 Port Street East:

    On February 3, 2016, City Council received the business case for a future marina at 1 Port Street East. Council requested that staff report back to set out an action plan to protect for a future marina at 1 Port Street East based on the business case recommendations, City Master Plan and further discussions with CLC.

    City staff are reviewing the potential City role in a future marina (ownership and/or operation), site layouts and development phasing with the objective of an appropriate transition, capital costs, operational and funding models and the required approval processes including an environmental assessment. Staff will update City Council and seek direction (tentatively anticipated for Fall 2017).

    On May 25, 2016, City Council authorized the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CLC and the City regarding the potential conveyance of a portion of the property located at 1 Port Street East. CLC has proposed to convey the property necessary for a future marina (as identified in the Master Plan) subject to Council approval and as a result of the MOU.

    The MOU enabled the City, in partnership with CLC, to undertake “due diligence” work on the property to better understand the implications of potential ownership. Legal Services will report back to Council on the potential conveyance and seek Council direction in the Fall 2017.

  3. “Due Diligence” Work:

    The ongoing “due diligence” has provided information on the existing lands, waterlot and coastal infrastructure. During the summer of 2016, contractors (Golder Associates and W.F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers) working for the City of Mississauga did standard and routine coastal and environmental work (which CLC helped pay for).

    Related supplemental work has been ongoing and will continue.

  4. Future Marina Funding:

    To date, no City funding has been identified for a future marina. Any future marina funding by the City would be part of the City’s business planning process requiring City Council approval. Staff continue to explore potential funding opportunities including various grant programs offered by the various levels of government and non-governmental agencies and other sources. The City must own the property to be eligible to apply for grants.

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