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Local Advisory Panels

Local Advisory Panel ("Advisory Panel") for the Lakeview area will be established to facilitate discussion and provide input into the policy formulation for the Lakeview area. The purpose of the Advisory Panels is to provide independent advisory bodies to staff preparing the Lakeview and Port Credit Area Plans for the Official Plan.

The mandate of the Advisory Panel is to:
  • Advise and assist in providing input into the proposed policies or guidelines for the area;
  • Work co-operatively in facilitating discussion and input to City staff for consideration in the decision-making process; and
  • Enhance the public engagement proces
Planning and Development Committee February 17, 2009

Corporate Report * Lakeview and Port Credit Local Advisory Panels - Terms of Reference

Lakeview Local Advisory Panel
The Lakeview Local Advisory Panel will discuss a range of issues related to the review of the District Plan. Minutes from each meeting will be taken and posted on this web-site.
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