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Title: Meadowvale Village Library, 1975
Identifier: P819
Date of Original Photo: 1975
Date Built: 1871
Image Type: Slide
Subject: Public libraries - Ontario - Mississauga
Location: 6970 Second Line West, pt. Lot 10 Eż, Conc 3 WHS

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Description: The first library in Meadowvale Village was officially opened on November 1, 1929, in a small cabin which had originally been part of a skating rink set up by Helen Beardmore, the president of the Meadowvale Women's Institute. The skating rink was not very successful, thus it was suggested by Minerva Castle that the cabin be moved to a property on Mill Street which had been acquired by the Meadowvale W. I. to be used as a library. Miss Castle served as librarian for the next 23 years. The library was open on Friday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m., and charged fees of 25 cents for children and 50 cents for adults. Two thousand books were donated by the community and the Council of Toronto Township gave the library a donation of $25.00. Angus Mowat, the Inspector of Libraries for Ontario from 1938 to1960, commented that "The Meadowvale Library is the finest example of a village library in Ontario." In 1944 the Meadowvale Women's Institute Library joined the Peel County Library Association at a membership fee of $25.00 per year, and received boxes of books from the Association every four months. In 1948 the library building was renovated and enlarged In 1957 the Library voted to join the Toronto Township Public Library. The collection consisted of 1350 books. The agreement with Toronto Township stated that the Meadowvale Women's Institute agreed to rent the present quarters, shelving, furniture and fixtures for a rent to be determined, which might or might not include insurance, light and caretaking and the library quarters were deemed adequate for a limited period of time. In March of 1965 the Toronto Township Board of Education approved a recommendation to cooperate fully with the Township Library Board in setting up and operating joint library service at the Meadowvale Public School. This venture, the first of its kind in Ontario, was officially begun on May 13, 1965 when the Hon. William Davis, Minister of Education, opened the Meadowvale Branch of the Toronto Public Library. Unfortunately, the experiment was not successful and in spite of community efforts to save the library it was closed on June 30 1966 and the collection dispersed to other branches. In its place bookmobile service was instituted in September of that year and continued until 1973 when the old building was sold to the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the library moved into the Meadowvale Village Community Centre. From this time until 1983 it operated as a deposit library only, serviced once a week by the Bookmobile staff. Bookmobile service to Meadowvale Village continued until 1989. In the mean time, the new Meadowvale West Branch was opened officially in January 1984 in the Professional Centre at 6855 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle. In 1993 the branch moved from there to the Meadowvale Town Centre. This building is now the Meadowvale Community Centre and is located within the Meadowvale Village Conservation District. It is designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act.
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