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Crest, Town of Streetsville
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Title: Crest, Town of Streetsville
Identifier: MC0623
Image Type: Col Photo, 10x15 cm.
Subject: Crests - Ontario - Streetsville

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Description: The Town of Streetsville crest was designed by James S. Graham in consultation with Mary Manning and Elizabeth Colley. The symbols are taken from the history of the town. At the top are two strands of Timothy Grass and a surveyor's transit dated 1820. By 1820 Richard Bristol and Timothy Street had completed the survey of Toronto Township, including Streetsville and area. In the centre of the crest is a wavy blue line with a large spoked wheel and two fish. Dams along the Credit River powered Streetsville's mills and industries and were instrumental in the town's development. The river was also rich in salmon. The white pine cone and sugar maple keys represent trees that were common when settlers first arrived. The seedling stage symbolizes the town's many "firsts". Religious and educational institutions created by early residents are represented by the Cross and book. A sheaf of grain indicates the importance of this crop to area farmers, millers and seed merchants. It also represents the strength of Streetsville's people and their relationships. The clay brick represents an important local industry and is a reminder that Timothy Street built the first brick house in the area. At the bottom of the crest is the name of the town in gold on a royal blue ribbon.
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