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Our Saga: The Creation of a City

Mississauga's history unfolds from the Native Mississaugas to early towns and villages and the City that was created in 1974.

Mississauga and the First World War
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The Ruth Konrad Collection of Local History contains many old and rare books. The ones pictured here were in dire need of restoration and preservation. Thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of the Mississauga Library System, and the work of Felton Bookbinding, they have been restored to their former appearance.

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J. H. Pope, Esq.
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Peel
Compiled and Drawn from Official Plans and Special Surveys
Toronto: Walker & Miles, 1877

Historical Atlas - Before

This photograph shows an original copy of the atlas.
It had been rebound by a commercial bindery, but the front hinges were loose and pages had come away from the stitching. The pages themselves were brittle and yellowed. Furthermore the atlas had been taken apart so that it could be scanned.

Historical Atlas - After

This photograph shows the Historical Atlas after it was restored by Felton Bookbinding. The atlas was rebound in half leather in its original style.

The pages were repaired and resewn.

Thomas William Magrath
Authentic Letters from Upper Canada
with an Account of Canadian Field Sports
Dublin: Curry, 1833
Authentic Letters - Before Thomas William Magrath was the son of the Rev. James Magrath, the first rector of St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Erindale. This book, a series of letters to the Rev. Thomas Radcliff in Ireland, might well be described as an early tourist tract, written to encourage immigration to Canada. The hinges of the volume were weak. The book needed to be rebound and the pages repaired. There was also some foxing on the pages. (“Foxing” is a term given to brown spotting on old books caused by exposure to excessive humidity or the aging of inks originally used in processing.)
Authentic Letters - After This photograph shows Authentic Letters after restoration. The pages have been repaired and the volume rebound in the original style.
Authentic Letters - After 2 Unfortunately, not much could be done about the foxing on the pages.
Mrs. Anna Jameson
Sketches in Canada and Rambles among the Red Men
London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1852
Sketches in Canada - Before Anna Jameson was the wife of Robert Jameson, who was sent to Upper Canada as a magistrate. In 1837 she made a trip around Lake Huron and wrote about her travels in Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada, published in 3 volumes in 1838. Sketches in Canada is a reprint of some of the “most interesting and amusing chapters” from that book.
The back hinge on this book was loose, the cover was rubbed and the top of the spine was torn. Worse still, the front endpaper and some of the pages had been mended with plastic tape.
Sketches in Canada - After Here is Mrs. Jameson's book after restoration.
Sketches in Canada - After 2 Felton Bookbinding removed the tape, repaired the pages and sewing, and rebound the book in original half leather style.
Indian Treaties and Surrenders from 1680 to 1890
Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1891
Indian Treaties - Before This volume of Indian Treaties and Surrenders was originally acquired by the Port Credit Library and is now part of the Canadiana Collection at the Central Library. This is an important work as it contains the text of the 1805 Treaty between the Mississauga Indians and the CrownĂ‚  The cover was worn and the pages were loose, many of them brittle. The hinges were also loose to the point of being broken.
Indian Treaties - After Here is the volume after restoration by Felton Bookbinding. The book has been rebound in leather and tooled in the original style.
Indian Treaties - After 2 The pages were resewn and repaired.