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Centennial Picnic, Lorne Park Estates
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Title: Centennial Picnic, Lorne Park Estates
Identifier: HF0058
Date of Original Photo: June 1979
Image Type: Slide, 35 mm
Subject: Lorne Park Estates (Mississauga, Ont.)
Donor: Friends of the Mississauga Library System
Location: Lorne Park Estates

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Description: Children in period costume at the Lorne Park Estates Centennial Picnic. The picnic was held in June, 1979 to celebrate the opening of Lorne Park in 1879 and 100 years of history in the community. Guests included former residents, current members and friends. Many attended in period dress and old-fashioned events turned the clock back to the early 1900's. Lorne Park was officially opened by the Toronto Park Association on May 24, 1879. This public park and pleasure resort covered 75 acres and included swings, merry-go-rounds, tennis courts, croquet and lacrosse grounds and shooting galleries. Dancing took place in rustic pavilions. A large two-storey building, known as Hotel Louise, provided sleeping apartments, family parlours, dining room, bar, bowling alleys and billiard room. Lorne Park was well advertised and visitors could come by rail or by steamer from Toronto to the park wharf. The resort was popular, but did not succeed as a business venture. The property was sold in 1886. The new owners formed the Toronto and Lorne Park Summer Resort Company. The land was divided into building lots with part of the parkland retained for common use. Between 1905 and 1910 Lorne Park was closed to the public and became a private summer resort. The hotel ceased operation in 1909 and became the Lake Shore Country Club until damaged by fire in 1920. The Lorne Park Cottagers' Association was incorporated in 1909, providing services until 1922 when Lorne Park Estates Limited took over operational responsibilities. In April 1948, the deed for the park was transferred to the residents and Lorne Park Estates Limited became the Lorne Park Estates Association. Photographed by Bert Hoferichter, MPA.
Agency: Mississauga Library System