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Mississauga Growth Forecasts (2008)

The latest City of Mississauga growth forecast were produced in 2008 and provides population, housing and employment forecasts for the years 2008 to 2031. The City of Mississauga undertakes growth forecasts to provide input into planning and managing growth in the City and are specifically used for such projects as the Mississauga Plan Review, the City budget process, development charges by-law reviews, transportation studies, community services and numerous other projects.

Hemson Consulting Limited was retained to produce the 2008 growth forecasts. Their work is outlined in the report titled  Long Range Forecasts City of Mississauga 2006 - 2031. Hemson Consulting Ltd provided a set of citywide reference and high growth scenarios for consideration and on April 8, 2009 Council approved the revised growth projections, adopting the high growth scenario. The high growth scenario accounts for greater compact form through intensification and redevelopment and assumes a stronger demand for higher density forms.

The City's growth forecast models are developed using a number of different inputs. Population and housing forecasts are based on the 2006 Canadian Census and existing residential land uses in the City and are developed using proposed development applications, vacant land development potential and development potential of intensification sites. Base employment data is pulled from the City's annual Employment Survey and the model considers areas of vacant employment and major office land and development potential while applying density assumptions. Refer to the Background Information Notes for a more detailed discussion on the growth forecast models.

     Release A - Growth Forecast Data
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     Release C - Growth Forecast Publications
                     Background Information Notes
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