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Mississauga Official Plan
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Secondary and Major Office Map
Secondary and Major Office Map   Details

Focus on Mississauga 2012
“Focus on Mississauga 2012” addresses the monitoring requirements of the Mississauga Official Plan (2011) as it pertains to the Downtown, Major Nodes, and Community Nodes and in accordance with the requirements in the Regional Official Plan and in the Province of Ontario’s Places to Grow Growth Plan. This information is intended to assist in the development application review process and to provide an atlas of information for the public and development community with respect to population, housing types, office, business and land use.   Details

Access Peel Public Health's support for the active lifestyle and health promoting activity policies in Mississauga's Draft Official Plan.   Details

Proposed New Mississauga Official Plan Modification Report - Minor Mapping Changes
The PDC report dated December 14, 2010 titled "Proposed New Mississauga Official Plan - Requested Modifications" noted that a number of revisions to maps and schedules were required to correct minor boundary adjustments and to provide consistency amongst the maps, figures and schedules.  This table and associated figures, maps and schedules outline in detail the proposed adjustments.   Details

Executive Summary
An executive summary has been prepared to provide highlights of the Proposed new Mississauga Official Plan   Details

Official Plan Amendment 95 - Conformity Amendment
The report outlines the proposed changes to Mississauga Plan in order to conform to the Growth Plan   Details

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Public Consultation Events
The public were provided an oportunity to comment on the draft Mississauga Official Plan in spring 2010, during the public consultation process.   Details

Corporate Reports
Planning reports include reports that are presented to the Council, General Committee and Planning and Development Committee (PDC) by the Planning and Building Department, Policy Planning Division.   Details

Planning Studies
Planning Studies are required to bring Mississauga Plan into conformity with provincial plans or are necessary to address significant emerging issues in a comprehensive manner. These studies will result in reports to Planning and Development Committee and may also require public consultation (e.g. Growth Management Strategy).    Details

Local Area Policies Reviews
Local Area Policies Reviews are currently underway for Cooksville, Lakeview and Port Credit. These reviews will incorporate the results of the above studies, where appropriate. Other local area reviews will be undertaken where development or land use changes are anticipated (e.g. within nodes and corridors and within the City Centre).   Details

Corporate Studies
Corporate Studies are major initiatives underway or to be undertaken by other departments that may have a bearing on Mississauga Plan. These initiatives (e.g. Strategic Plan update) will provide the broad framework for the official plan.   Details

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