Noise Attenuation Barriers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Where are noise barriers typically located?
What does a noise barrier look like?
Do I have a privacy fence or a noise barrier?
How can I verify ownership of a noise barrier on my property?
Why is my existing noise barrier on my property?
How do I qualify under the City's noise barrier replacement program?
How do I qualify under the City's retrofit program?
What if two-thirds (66%) "in-favour" through the petition process is not achieved?
Why is my noise barrier not being replaced, while others are?
Can I replace my own noise barrier?
Who has made some of the repairs to exiting noise barriers?
How is the height of the new noise barrier determined?
If I agree to a new noise barrier, and sell my property, who continues to pay?
Is the interest rate, under the amortization payment option, fixed or variable?
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