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Age Friendly Mississauga

The City of Mississauga recognizes that being an "Age Friendly Community" is not a goal to be achieved but a way of life that requires ongoing effort to meet growing and changing needs of our citizens. A key outcome for this project is to establish the necessary structures and resources to sustain our commitment and maintain progress to ensure that all citizens, including older adults, belong and can thrive.

Achieving Age Friendly designation requires a deliberate and coordinated effort by many stakeholders including the City, the Region, community organizations and service providers, the private sectors and citizens. As the lead applicant for the Government of Ontario's Age-Friendly Community Planning Grant, the City serves as a "backbone organization" providing leadership for planning, project management, and stakeholder engagement and monitoring of our collective progress in pursuit of this goal.

The Age Friendly Mississauga project uses the World Health Organization's (WHO) criteria for an "Age-Friendly Community".

The vision for the City's Older Adult Plan is that "older adults in Mississauga will lead purposeful and active lives, will live in their community with dignity, integrity and independence and will experience a diverse range of lifestyle opportunities to pursue their personal interests." Diversity, equity and inclusion are key drivers in the development and implementation of our Age Friendly initiative.

The City's Older Adult Advisory Panel, formed in 2014, provides ongoing advisory support for further planning and implementation of actions that will advance our pursuit of age friendly designation. The project is managed by the Community Development Unit, within the Recreation Division.

Key Focus Areas (WHO Dimensions)

  • Civic Participation and Employment: An age-friendly community provides options for older adults to continue to contribute to their communities through paid employment or voluntary work, and to be engaged in the political process.
  • Communication and Information: Access to relevant information is key to staying connected and learning about recreation and social opportunities. Information needs to be available in various formats and older adults should be supported to learn and adopt new information technologies.
  • Community Support and Health Services: The availability of adequate health and support services is essential to maintaining good health and independence in the community.
  • Housing: Most older adults wish to age in place. A diverse range of housing options and support services, coupled with good neighbourhood design, allow older people to age comfortably and safely within their community.
  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings: Clean, accessible and attractive parks, streets, public spaces and buildings are essential to everyone's quality of life, including older adults. This is also linked to older adult's ability to age in place and stay active.
  • Respect and Social Inclusion: Feeling recognized, appreciated and taken into account by family, friends, and the society are essential to everyone's wellbeing, including older adults. The extent to which older adults participate in the social, civic and economic life of the city is also closely linked to their experience of inclusion.
  • Social Participation: Social participation and social support are strongly connected to good health and well-being throughout life. Participating in leisure, social, cultural and spiritual activities in the community, as well as with the family, allows older adults to continue to exercise their competence, to enjoy respect and esteem, and to maintain or establish supportive and caring relationships.
  • Transportation: Affordable and adequate options to move around the city enable older adults to get involved in social and civic activities, stay active and access health and community services.

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